Luxury rental accomodations in Lausanne!
A home away from home!

In the heart of Lausanne, a city of learning, culture and sport, Annemarie Ernst offers you a palette of rental accommodation for a minimum duration of three months.

Conveniently situated for nearby shops and public transport, simply but tastefully furnished, each comes equipped with services designed to smooth your stay (bed linen, domestic appliances, Wi-Fi and much more). An ideal solution for professional or family visits.

A little history

In truth close to a century ago, Les Jardins de Warnery of today was the delightfully named guesthouse, “La Printanière”, a connotation of spring no doubt inspired by its setting — overlooking a welcoming green on which one might take one’s ease and situated in a neighbourhood conducive to leisurely walks.

In the aftermath of the 1917 October revolution it made welcome a Russian ballet fleeing the ensuing repressions finally becoming, in the years that followed, a family guesthouse for scholars eager for the opportunity to work and flourish in convivial surroundings. One imagines their vigorous verbal exchanges with, come nightfall, glass in hand sprawled on the lawn, ideas tumbling out in quick succession.

The building as it now stands was transformed in 1983 to its current status of furnished accommodation welcoming families holidaying in Switzerland, cultural celebrities from the neighbouring theatres or, by virtue of its proximity, members of internationally respected academic establishments such as the IMD, EPFL, UNIL … Though today’s habitués are, by nature, more discreet they are drawn to a source of inspiration that remains as it ever was.

A pocket library

To best prepare for your stay in the canton capital, to discover hidden treasures, things off the beaten track or to appreciate some of the novels by local authors, there follows a selection of works both literary and touristic in style, which we ourselves have read and recommend (one or two of the titles are also to be found in some apartments at Les Jardins de Warnery).

Cartoville Lausanne

Sophie Mastelinck Bass and Grégori Roth (Publisher: Gallimard Loisirs, 2007)
The city’s essentials at a glance

Le Petit Futé Lausanne, Riviera Suisse

Dominique Auzias / Collectif (Nouvelles Editions Université)
A travel guide for around and about Lausanne

Le Peuple vaudois, Les Origines ou Sur l’Alpe

Henry Warnery (Publisher: Payot)
A Vaudois poet

Lausanne contemporain

Collectif (Publisher: FLAC, 2010)
A guide to contemporary art in Lausanne

Passé présent, Lousonna, ou l’Antiquité d’actualité

Laurent Flutsch (Publisher: Infolio, 2005)
An historical perspective of the Vaudois capital

Lausanne – Jardins d’images

Denis Kormann, Tassilo Jüdt – un collectif de onze auteurs (Publisher: Edimento, 2006)
A superb illustrated commentary on Lausanne’s parks

La Vallée de la Jeunesse

Eugène (Publisher: La Joie de Lire, 2009)
The recollections of a Romanian born child who at the age of six arrived in Switzerland

Les Oasis de transit

Yves Rosset (Publisher: Bernard Campiche 2006)
A book on travels that establishes the author as the modern-day inheritor to Nicolas Bouvier

L’Etrange Beauté du monde

Frédéric Pajak et Léa Lund ( (Publisher: Noir sur Blanc, 2008)
A self-portrait of a married couple as seen through their complicities, their happiness, their conflicts and their travels


Blaise Hofmann (Publisher: Zoé, 2007)
The realities of a shepherd’s life based on the author’s own experiences one summer in the Hongrin valley